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Date: 28th June 2018
Low Consumption HHO Fuel Saving Kit
Low Consumption HHO Fuel Saving KitHHO Car carbon cleaning machineSPECIFICATIONModeSpecificationGT-CCM-3.0-TInput Voltage220/380V ?10%,50/60Hz, ? ?three phasesRated Capacity (KVA)6Working Gas Pressure ?(Mpa)?0.2Relative Humidity (%)90Rated Gas Production (L/h)1500 ?10%Water Consumption ?(L/h)1.1Carbon cleaning for diesel car and gasoline car?(1.0-7.0 ? ?liters),Time Set:20-40minsWater FeedautoCooling ModeAir CoolThe Insulation LevelFPower Supply ? ?Protection GradeIP21SWorking MediumFiltered water or ?deionized water or soft waterWorking MethodContinuousEnviroment Temperature ?(?)0~40Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm)965*620*1000Gross Weight (kg)145If friends of the development of the heart-oxygen energy machine should be able to see the vehicle-mounted hydrogen machine, and the vehicle-mounted hydrogen machine is to fuel combustion, improve vehicle power, and save car fuel consumption.?Then, the object of the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen carbon remover is carbon deposition, and the temperature will be transmitted to the engine component after carbon deposition. The carbon layer is equivalent to a heat absorption layer, so there is no need to worry about the impact of the so-called high temperature on the engine. Secondly, the combustion in the engine combustion chamber is not pure hydrogen and oxygen, but hydrogen and oxygen are integrated into the fuel. After the ignition, the fuel is burned in the engine. The temperature of the combustion will not reach more than 3,000 degrees. Therefore, no It will have any effect on the car engine.?Of course, the car owners are more concerned with the effect of removing carbon from the car and the benefits of decarbonization. What is the effect of the hydrogen and carbon removal machine on the hydrogen and oxygen ultra molecular cleansing engine of the car?1. Immediately save fuel (The fuel consumption is reduced by 11%~32% after testing. It varies depending on the type of vehicle and its usage)2. Horsepower enhancement (return to original performance)3. The engine does not dither4. Smooth running?
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