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Date: 28th June 2018
Reliability HHO Energy Saving Kit
Gaintop is specialized in research and supplying HHO carbon cleaning machines for 15 years. Oxy-hydrogen cleaning system engine decarbonizing machine SPECIFICATION Mode Specification GT-CCM-3.0-W Input Voltage 220/380V ?10%,50/60Hz, ? ?three phases Rated Capacity (KVA) 6 Working Gas Pressure (Mpa) ?0.2 Relative Humidity (%) 90 Rated Gas Production ?(L/h) 1500 ? ??10% Water Consumption ?(L/h) 1.1 Carbon cleaning for diesel car and gasoline car ?(1.0-7.0 liters),Time Set:20-40mins Water Feed auto Cooling Mode Air Cool The Insulation Level F Power Supply Protection Grade IP21S Working Medium Filtered water or deionized water or soft water Working Method Continuous Enviroment Temperature ?(?) 0~40 Outline Dimensions - L*W*H (mm) 945*640*1110 Gross Weight (kg) 156 Ventilation Space Requirement (mm) 400 in each direction? HHO carbon cleaning machine working process: HHO carbon cleaning machine is produced HHO gas of the engine intake manifold into the engine interior, to be filled with brown gas engine after the ignition, the use of HHO gas catalytic principle, oxygen-burning principle, the principle of water and hydrogen cycle, such as brown gas characteristics of the engine carbon to carry out a comprehensive, complete removal, recovery vehicle power, this will not cause any damage to the engine, without any environmental pollution, completely avoid the traditional chemical carbon agent deficiencies, it becomes preferred car engine carbon products.? HHO carbon cleaning machine advantages: (1). Stability and Reliability: a. Electrolysis electric supply: self-design IGBT invert power, more stable and supporting 24-hour non-stop working; b. Electrolysis tank: made of high temperature, acid& alkali resistant materials, high corrosion resistant alloy plate; c. Generator: Self- research modular design, high production rate and no leakage of gas. (2). Safety Insurance: a. Electrical safety: Separation of electric power supply and electrolysis system, insulated materials and ground protection; b. Leakage security: Stainless steel joints with F4 sealing, no leakage of gas and liquid, multiple overpressure relief device; c. Burn-back guarantee: Two level water seal anti-fire back device, automatic water fill and discharge function; (3). Convenient and Practical: a. Application and efficiency: Used for welding, cutting, engine cleaning and Heating, more cost-saving way than other methods; b. Fuels need: only need water and electricity, no transportation and storage, producing while using rather safe and convenient; c. Visual and touch display: more simple and easily in operation, WIFI control function helps agencies a lot in management. (4). ISO90001 and CE certificates approved; (5). Self-owned patents; (6). Compared with the traditional chemical and foam carbon removal, the HHO carbon cleaner has the advantages of saving cost, simple and quick operation, reducing air and environmental pollution, no chemical composition and thus reducing the damage to the engine. Why should do carbon cleaning for car? There are many reasons for increased carbon deposition: incomplete combustion, poor quality fuel, bad driving habit, long time lower speed, poor air quality etc. With the increase of carbon deposition, will cause to difficult cold start, unstable idle speed, accelerating weakness, fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust, engine knock etc. What kind of car can use HHO engine carbon cleaner?? ? ? The model: motorcycle, car, bus, truck etc. The brand: All brand of cars, motorcycle, bus, truck. Such as Volkswagen, BMW, BENZ, HYUNDAI, TOYOTA, HONDA etc. What HHO engine carbon cleaning service can bring for customer? 1. Maximize Fuel Efficiency 2. Save Energy and Oil, Eliminate Carbon Deposits, Enjoy Low-Carbon Life 3. Resume Horsepower and Torque 4. Extend Drive train Service Life 5. Reduce Harmful Emissions, Safety and environmental protection 6. Auto repair the oxygen sensor and ternary catalyst, prolong engine life . 7. Increase Governmental Test Passing Rate 8. Better for increasing satisfaction of customers. 9. Newest technologies, Quality Guarantee, Better Cleaning! ? What is lifespan of engine carbon cleaner? To date we have sold the HHO units for over 5 years and they are still operating to this day. The total lifespan of the product is therefore not fully known but we would expect the product to last for many more years.
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